Look at me …. I am a smarty!

While the politicians of Pakistan discuss the various options to diffuse TuQ and handle his various demands, the media anchors sit tight infront of their screens hanging on to every word being reported. These words have more than just meaning. They are writing the golden history of Pakistan. Every minute, every hour is going down with meticulous planning and analysis, sometimes over-analysis. There is a saying in Urdu, “jab soch gehri hojaye to iraday kamzor hojatay hain”, “when people over think before acting,their actions become weak.”

Too much analysis has become an over-kill or a time-kill for anchors who have good reputations, from digging nasty pasts to appropriating Quranic verses without any regard to the sanctity of Quran. While the government has not been too keen on being on the same bandwagon, recently they showed sign of cracking under pressure from the long march. This the media has enjoyed to such an extent that their stupidity has been replayed again and again. The nuisance that the footage suddenly creates is unbelievable and I just wonder if our ministers realize what moral clause did that fall into. Even if state and religion are separate, no religion allows this moral degradation of the self, that too infront of the public!!!


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