Mr. Qadri thy movement called long march!

All sorts of media have gone to all stretches in displaying all sorts of views and news on the TuQ movement. One section of the society thinks his move was simple lunacy, while the another group fully supports Mr. Qadri’s movement giving him full credit for instigating and raising voice against the atrocious leaders. The neutrals are of the opinion that maybe his movement was not right but his words were spot on. A fourth, rather queer group of people is the ‘undecideds’. They are what we might sarcastically call the ‘no deen iman’ types in Urdu. They have dwindling opinions with no set line of thought. They seem to flow with the tide or the group of people the are with. They are a funny and wannabe sort who are still not decided if the long march achieved its purpose or not.

The politicians are owning the TuQ movement – why I call the long march a movement I will shortly describe- in three ways so far; one on a positive note on the face of it, the second totally denying it achieved any purpose at all, the third is approving of its agenda but denouncing its process. While the drama of acceptance and rejection continues on screen for everyone to see, people go back to their homes in the most orderly fashion.

The media goes into a frenzy and in an attempt to pull viewership shows the roads of Islamabad which it some how expects to be spotless, and squeaky clean. The tarmac hits the headlines of every news paper and blog and I cannot comprehend how the mere dirt can be of so much importance. While people realize their responsibility as citizens of Islamabad and help the municipality in the earnest, the media realizes its responsibility of being a revenue-making organization/page/website be it from the dirtiest news!

I call TuQ’s long march a movement as he has been able to mobilize the sleeping democracy and even if we don’t see the complete implementation of whatever was decided, we can at least see some improvement in the moral senses of the people who vote or come face to face with the people of Pakistan. The awareness that TuQ has raised with his speeches is not a small feat. At least the lower tier knows some of their constitutional rights- they are educated about the constitution of Pakistan. What the people knew was that the ruling party was corrupt, now they know they the ruling party is corrupt by law & constitution does not have place for them. The difference in knowledge is great. For the knowledgeable it is not much, but for the uneducated it means they can get their rights by law and contest. The mere knowledge can be used and if tackled properly, be used against the very feudals who have ruled the democratic systems. The same feudals who have actively kept education out of their constituencies for fear of this change!


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