Its February now and this is the first post of the month. After much deliberation, thought I could not settle on a single topic for the first post of the month. Several topics came and went but when I picked up my laptop, I decided to write impromptu.

Many events of political and non-political nature happened at the end of January which made me think more of human nature and its facets. It was God’s decision that he created man as the ‘only’ highly-intellectual organism, but the decisions man takes on a daily basis due to that intellect have such diverse and intense effects that it is totally difficult to even assume ‘what if’ there was another highly-intellectual organism on earth! Things would have been an utter mess. One more organism either of the human kind or better than humans and earth would have been a living hell.

A new month, an new day, a new hour, a new tick of the clock- is all an indication that God is not upset. He is anxious and patiently waiting for the status quo to change, and He will reward those who will change it.


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