A Fifth Season…

With the election season warming up the people of Pakistan slowly and surely, what I see is mixed emotions and a list of choices. This latter is good or bad only time will tell. Elections or the final election day always has a lot of apprehension for the people of the country. Lately the interim Prime Minister was to be selected and it took days at a stretch to select that one man to serve for 3 months. Whether this was a serious change for the better or a bitter battle over choices only the people present behind those doors can tell. But it made the people long and wait for that one name to be called out; that one final name… the people waited patiently yet in complete silence in front of their screens when the name was announced.

May 11 elections will bring the people to their screens again. With the same apprehension, but this time an apprehension for a political change, an economic change. A change for a better future, a hope that they will not just survive they will find their dreams and will be part and parcel of the change that will come in the next 5 years. This time the elections will be different, as they will involve a democratic government giving off its right to rule to another democratic government in peace (probably).

For the first time there will be a myriad of political parties contesting in the elections. Sure gives the people a lot of choice and space on the paper to put their stamp of approval on. This time around it is different for many people; the youth, coz an icon is contesting, the old, coz two aged parties are up for the takes, the battered, coz the battering spades are still very much in the game and the religious, coz after all this is an Islamic country and no matter how modern we get the Islamic element will always remain to pull us ‘back’ to our roots. Who wins is anyone’s guess……


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