Hath Thou Been Smart Earlier…


I start this post with a smile coz frankly I had a women oriented topic in mind, but then a fleeting glance at the television screen and the news channel and my mind rocked back to the age-old topic; current affairs!!!

Elections ‘looming’ around the corner and all political parties jet-set for action. Pakistan is and has always been so active. Partition, democracy, military rule and now again an attempt at ‘cleaner’ democratic rule. Lets be clear here about a few things, the Constitution of Pakistan always had clear-cut rules. Only the followers were never serious about applying them. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri made sure that they were applied and did not take no for an answer. But that did not deter any political mismanagement on behalf of the parties. They had ample time to ‘plan’ their tactics. Tactics which the people are still unaware of.

With the love of the Seat of Presidency growing in the hearts of certain people, there is a unproportionate and immense love for the country among the youth. The youth which refers to people with a conscience and a lively heart and soul, not to age, want to see their country prosper and move forward. No doubt this group has a lot of teenagers and youngsters.

So infectious is this disease of feeling good about one’s country, positivism and the optimism that we can achieve the best if we have the best team that lately in a Dawn news article I read that Bilawal Bhutto also tried to filter good people from his party. Looks like Imran Khan got to him as well. But his dad eventually won him over to his side 🙂

Games are going on and the election candidates are being thrown into court cases, jails and simply turned down. I wonder if Meera fulfills section 62, 63? Sadiq and Ameen- really???

What remains is the final public opinion. Will the public select the people who are standing up from the constituencies? Will these people be any different? Will these people just shift out to wealthier neighborhoods? Will they come back to their constituencies and work for their people? 


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