It is a Myth That 300,000 Were Raped in East Pakistan

Pakistan Army has always been blamed for raping their own Muslim sisters in Bangladesh. Did they? Were they so stuck up??? Were they that bad?? Many people from our media circles and the educated circles love to propagate the worst numbers, but it looks like there were some players that were never mentioned, never got the credit that they should have!!!


By Asif Haroon Raja

Clip_112“Roman Catholic Relief Agency put the figure of rapes to as low as 4000. In fact, only ten cases of rapes had been reported till August 31, 1971, and the culprits tried and punished. These few cases were swollen to the exasperating figure of 300,000. The falsity of Sheikh Mujib’s repeated allegation of rape of 300,000 Bengali women was exposed when the abortion team he had commissioned from United Kingdom in early 1972 found that there were no more than a hundred or so pregnancy cases they could deal with throughout their stay in Bangladesh.”-Brig. Asif Haroon Raja exposes the lies behind the propaganda.

It has been alleged that Pakistani troops raped 300,000 women on and after March 25, 1971 in former East Pakistan. This allegation has generally been accepted by the world at large and even by some Pakistani secular pseudo intellectuals like Tahira Abdullah, Asma…

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