Rigging In 62 and 63

Hatred! Black and red, burning, scorching and taunting. Back when Section 62, 63 were launched into the limelight, this was a select reaction by a select group of people. These people came from different walks of life; especially politicians.

The politicians tried every act in the book to kill the Constitutional requirement. And yes they did kill it. They got away with it. After all it is a requirement made for man, by a man, ordained by Allah. Ewwwwww. Now that is a tough one isn’t it. Ordained by Allah. Don’t mess with the big guy, as in ever. He usually knows how to get his way.

After hearing Imran Khan’s first speech hours after his accident, something seemed out of the ordinary. Something was just not ‘political’ enough. Then came an interview of his members. Me got skeptical, they can’t be so simple people. Methinks that was just a political stunt. But then came the ‘regular’ political and somehow the Gilanis are a gem of a people and should have more emotional outbursts. They give the true picture of how dirty politics can get if it is ‘made’  to run in families and if power is institutionalised.

Now the simple people in team of PTI don’t seem too out of place. Me-now-thinks why shouldn’t we have sincere and honest, simple people in our government? Why shouldn’t we have people who are educated, smart and not opportunistic? And these characteristics make up Section 62, 63 I believe.

The 2nd speech and address to the nation that Imran Khan has actually won him more supporters. People want to live decent lives. They want to be honest and simple. They don’t want to be dacoits, murderers and playthings for party motives. Now the youth sees light, optimism and its importance. They want to live in peace. Kindly let people live the life they deserve!!


Uneducated politics…

Religion has always been a bone of contention. No one even tries to rise above it. And those few who do are pulled against their will into the dungeons of choices.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism no matter what your religious affiliation is or what subdivision you belong to, you can be sure once into adulthood you will be questioned and asked to defend your beliefs. If in a prominent position, you will be given hell if somehow people of your faith are giving hell to others. This has happened in history and is happening to date.

Recent development, a rather peculiar and hilarious one I must say was a headline in which a Islamically-centered party asked (or rather ‘ordered’, without any ‘proper’ authority) people not to vote for a certain party; voting for which it considered HARAM. No wonder there is a term ‘political Islam’. The latter party, innocent as it was, turned out to have a member who simply debated with a non-Muslim scholar on their voting position. So isn’t campaigning all about convincing the top-rung of every section of the society- Muslim or non-Muslim to vote for their party.

Just because a Islamically- centered party does not have access to all sorts of people; Muslim and non-Muslim, young and old, does not mean they can give careless fatwas. They are religious scholars, who need to uphold the sanctity of their positions. Just because they ‘think’ they are too important in a setting does not mean they will be taken seriously.

While they do the most moronic of things and try to cut down other party’s votes, they do show a very negative and ignorant picture of Islam and religion, two diverse things. Any religion when accepted and understood with conviction, opens a lot of doors. Islam is no different. There is a lot of adjustment possible; but there are some strict rules also. Have the guts to explore????