Confidential … For **** Eyes Only!

There was a time when the radio was invented and used for news and then it was used to air fancy programs. Soon it became a medium for music and parents wondered what were their children going to be facing when they would grow up in a world where there would be a radio program airing obnoxious music with even more daring lyrics.

Then there was Television. And the same cycle was repeated. And to this day parents wonder what their child will be seeing in the next 20 years that will become part of his/her acquired behaviour. So they ‘invent’ child locks on the material a child has access to on TV. They ‘create’ package plans for the mobile. The ‘install’ firewalls and child locks on computer internet access.

But something they conveniently forget is Newton’s Third Law; every action has a reaction. The child also becomes an adult and learns things of his interest and of his age quicker than his parents who have become more specialized versions now, with no practical interest in TV ratings, mobile midnight packages or the best website for buying football. So naturally what started out as ‘selective knowledge disbursement’ for the child becomes ‘selective knowledge acceptance’ by the parent.

And that becomes trickier with time, as the child learns that whatever he was ‘child locked’ from as a young child is still not acceptable as an adult in his/her household. This gives the child ‘power’ to “disburse” knowledge about his/her doings to their parent which becomes dangerous and crucial. Switching channels in the presence of a parent, watching obnoxious content with inner guilt, doing something you know you your parent’s wont approve; all are examples of selective disbursement of knowledge to parents.

But then children grow in a different time frame and parents in a different world. That argument is pretty much lost when only technology and science has improved and ways of bringing up a child or birth process has not really changed.

The life long round circle of doing and then getting it back and feeling ‘cheated upon’ by your own child is not rewarding. I don’t know what the solution is….. but there has got to be one! 🙂