Music… Try it!

They say music is food for the soul. I say it feeds the thoughts and the imagination… unless that is the same as being the soul of human psyche and causes its wellness or its degradation.
Science has proved a lot in this area. Positive thoughts bring about positive changes in human outlook. Negative thoughts change perception to being totally negative about everything, depression being the worst form.
But people listen to all forms of music… gory depressing music, high metal, soft pop, R&B, reformative music. The mind is affected by each form and so is the thought process during each. Try it. Try thinking about a very beautiful waterfall scenery while listening to high metal. Its not only difficult its weird too.
“Unbreak my heart” will never be happily ever after sort of scenery. Music choices should be changed once in a while to give a fresh start to the human mind. It can be invigorating and free the human imagination too.
Experiencing a little down music once in a while can release pent up negative emotion…. while listening to up music can change mood to positive!