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Old songs always have a different feel. Not that they speak of a bygone era, they have an appeal that touches the soul. Maybe it is the youth that they remind me of or it is the carefree days, but I can assure you I wasn’t even born when these songs were released. I am talking about songs that have pure lyrics and slow music and rhythm. No synthesizers, or electric guitars or amplifiers.

But isn’t that the case with everyone? Doesn’t everyone feel nostalgic listening to old forgotten scores. Turns out most people these days don’t have time for such music. There is so much new stuff being produced that old music seems ‘out-dated’.


The other day while going through my playlist I wondered if I should chuck the oldie list and add some new numbers. I searched the internet for some new songs and came across women who had released exceptional numbers. It amazed me how women who made bold videos also made the most expressive songs these days. The lines didn’t necessarily rhyme but the rhythms were impeccable.

It turns out that music and its feel doesn’t change. The volume, voice and intensity might change with time but the results created remain the same. So let me put on those headphones and get back to my personal favourite!



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