Take Me Up … Please!

The morning brings a new hope.

Well to most people.

To some its a routine. A boring and exasperating routine.

To those who want to change, everyday is an opportunity. I guess only 10% see it as an opportunity to change. To swell and grow.

In a country like Pakistan where somehow people manage to filter out the worst from all that is going on, opportunities get filtered too. What many miss is you can only grow food where there is none. Plant a seed where there is a barren land. In a stagnated or full grown land, there will be no space to plant a seed or grow anything. But then again the farmer waits and waits to get his produce. Patience is a virtue. Isn’t it? Sometimes its requires a lifetime to get results.

The worst situations could be the best recipe for growing into resilient organization. And by organization I mean any sort of organization, an organized human form. It could be as small as five or as big as five hundred thousand.

But every economy has its own requirements. A growing economy will not pay repeaters very well. It will distribute the wealth between them, paying the initiator the highest and the followers in a descending manner. The initiator is the first person who found a new solution or brought an innovation. Growing economies have lots of problems which need to be addressed and any such initiator gets the chunk.

The better-off economy always pays off the innovator the most or the want-need creator since such economies have sufficed all their basic needs. Or at least the product should look like it is something out of the box.

Thinking in terms of economy and direction gives a better view of the opportunities available in a country without the drama that is usually attached to defaming and deriding a place and finding excuses to not doing something by blaming everyone around you and not doing your own part.

Obviously something needs to change but someone needs to do them if everyone is not doing it. The opportunity is lying open and staring people in the face, requiring a sense of responsibility 🙂


‘happy’ new year…. really?

Here we were dancing as a nation to the tune of the Taliban as they blasted some 140 children out of nowhere. Just before the year turned new and just before the world celebrated, Pakistan buried some of the well educated children whose only crime was being related to an Army space.

The media goes berserk and so does the international political space. But the borders of Pakistan aren’t safe and the LOC becomes a line of tension. The American President decides to visit the subcontinent and suddenly the exchange of fire and arms is on the high. Whether this happens as a matter of strategy by both countries or as a planned execution by one, the series of events is alarming to say the least.

The destabilizing fires in Karachi and Lahore, the targeted killing in Peshawar, is just the beginning of the age old game of bring-the-attention-of-the-people-to-daily-chores-and-poverty. Once accomplished the simple man will get busy with the daily life with a new fervor that maynot necessarily be positive in all its manifestations.

As things are again falling back into place we can assume the positivity of people will also fall back into place!

Mobbing to bring a change…

Another turmoil in the country…

Another movement, another call for jam packed ‘dharna’….

Personally, this feels good and a bit changeable. I used ‘changeable’ because it feels positive and the call for mobbing (again a very wayward word) seems to be making a positive impact on the majority. Although the imbecile and impotent politicians would like to think it is derailing the so-called hanging-by-the-thin-rope democracy, I feel it is strengthening a bit of it. After all a strong opposition is all that a strong democracy needs…

While people will gather 11th May, many uninvolved parties have already started leveling allegations against the intelligentsia involved. Seems like the harassment has already taken its toll on the weak. The weak has gone for a grievance procedure and is looking for some satisfaction. But the grievance procedure is detailed and long and needs to be preached to a higher authority and most probably is being preached to the major fund-givers of the country. Now isn’t that sweet! But that is not the ‘changeable’ part.

The ‘changeable’ part is the electoral crap that comes every five years with division of the entire Pakistani area among the existing parties. The parties enjoy the fruits which come from the labor of the workers living in each. The feudal ownership of land and then swap it for another portion every democratic term.

Unfortunately this is inbred in successive generations, from father to son/daughter. Breaking a psychological satisfaction of automatic ownership is a breakthrough. Earning instead of inheriting is a better choice, even for the baby born with the a silver spoon. The inheriting class does not want to go from being the inheritors to earners, which is fair. No one wants a life of luxury turned into a life of hardwork 🙂 The other way is pretty easy and imaginable.

But the ‘changeability’ is inevitable in an environment. That is the law of nature. Someone will rise to the occasion or the people will be fed up with the lawlessness. If the inheritor wants to survive in luxury, they have to provide for the people too to make them happy. Minus that and down they are to hardworking! Money is a fickle friend 🙂


Coming together to social improvement…

For the past month I have been writing half-baked posts, and leaving them to bake to perfection, but they never came to perfection. So this time its either do or die 🙂

The International Dance Day was commemorated in Pakistan with some of the brilliant dancers of the region giving breathtaking performances. Some dancers got together for a bigger cause, the country! It is always amazing how each element of the society comes together for the betterment of the society in their own capacity.

The critics, seculars, Islamists, atheits or minorities have always had a stance, free speech. Extreme poverty, decadent lifestyle has never stopped them from having their own respective powers and stances within Pakistan. Ofcourse the rich is born with a tongue and the right to speak, but this right is earned by an impoverished man.

In times of desperation the rich and impoverished need to line up together and of late this has been going down. Whatever the political, social and dire reasons, the liaising of two social strata can be adventurous for both.

Social understanding and ideas for social betterment can come from a refined mind that has a direction. Although it is hard to find such a person on the lower level of social standing, yet the lower level can be honed to come up to expectations and move forward. While we may be light years away from developing a rocket to send into space… some small incidents do lend hope that the glue holding the class structure of the society is still fresh!

Rigging In 62 and 63

Hatred! Black and red, burning, scorching and taunting. Back when Section 62, 63 were launched into the limelight, this was a select reaction by a select group of people. These people came from different walks of life; especially politicians.

The politicians tried every act in the book to kill the Constitutional requirement. And yes they did kill it. They got away with it. After all it is a requirement made for man, by a man, ordained by Allah. Ewwwwww. Now that is a tough one isn’t it. Ordained by Allah. Don’t mess with the big guy, as in ever. He usually knows how to get his way.

After hearing Imran Khan’s first speech hours after his accident, something seemed out of the ordinary. Something was just not ‘political’ enough. Then came an interview of his members. Me got skeptical, they can’t be so simple people. Methinks that was just a political stunt. But then came the ‘regular’ political and somehow the Gilanis are a gem of a people and should have more emotional outbursts. They give the true picture of how dirty politics can get if it is ‘made’  to run in families and if power is institutionalised.

Now the simple people in team of PTI don’t seem too out of place. Me-now-thinks why shouldn’t we have sincere and honest, simple people in our government? Why shouldn’t we have people who are educated, smart and not opportunistic? And these characteristics make up Section 62, 63 I believe.

The 2nd speech and address to the nation that Imran Khan has actually won him more supporters. People want to live decent lives. They want to be honest and simple. They don’t want to be dacoits, murderers and playthings for party motives. Now the youth sees light, optimism and its importance. They want to live in peace. Kindly let people live the life they deserve!!

Uneducated politics…

Religion has always been a bone of contention. No one even tries to rise above it. And those few who do are pulled against their will into the dungeons of choices.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism no matter what your religious affiliation is or what subdivision you belong to, you can be sure once into adulthood you will be questioned and asked to defend your beliefs. If in a prominent position, you will be given hell if somehow people of your faith are giving hell to others. This has happened in history and is happening to date.

Recent development, a rather peculiar and hilarious one I must say was a headline in which a Islamically-centered party asked (or rather ‘ordered’, without any ‘proper’ authority) people not to vote for a certain party; voting for which it considered HARAM. No wonder there is a term ‘political Islam’. The latter party, innocent as it was, turned out to have a member who simply debated with a non-Muslim scholar on their voting position. So isn’t campaigning all about convincing the top-rung of every section of the society- Muslim or non-Muslim to vote for their party.

Just because a Islamically- centered party does not have access to all sorts of people; Muslim and non-Muslim, young and old, does not mean they can give careless fatwas. They are religious scholars, who need to uphold the sanctity of their positions. Just because they ‘think’ they are too important in a setting does not mean they will be taken seriously.

While they do the most moronic of things and try to cut down other party’s votes, they do show a very negative and ignorant picture of Islam and religion, two diverse things. Any religion when accepted and understood with conviction, opens a lot of doors. Islam is no different. There is a lot of adjustment possible; but there are some strict rules also. Have the guts to explore????

Divide And Rule… The Disparity Factor

The other day I read in a news article that ‘the people of Pakistan are ideologically disparate’ for the upcoming elections. (Somehow I could not hold back a smile since it was in a news paper.)

Not the exact words of the article, but I wonder if it holds true. Who created this disparity of Ideology? Pakistan had only one single ideology- under which it was formed, under which its Constitution was written, under which its Governments worked, so when and how this sudden disparity? For disparity and difference to be acceptable in a society, it has to be from within the society, in a shape and form that is acceptable to the society, speaks like a society member, has a good, almost magnanimous outreach, effective and looks and walks like a society member. This is the disparity factor.

About 5 years back, as an avid reader of books, I came across many which focussed on the Taliban and Pakistan. Many more that were written by foreign authors who had brief stays in Pakistan and Afghanistan, or were war veterans, or better still war journalists. Somehow they could always feel up to writing a complete book on a nation, their ways and work, in their very brief encounters with the nation, mostly generalizing a few incidents. Somehow the impact of reading such a book would not be eye-opening, it would be depressing, frustrating. Not because something was wrong with this part of the world, because the writer had too narrow a view!

When I searched for explicit material on the same topics by Pakistani and local authors, it was hard to find. I found a few books/material and novels that were intricately written. News articles and everyday journalistic views were rampant.

Today, if I go looking for books/articles on the subjects aforementioned, written by local authors; somehow I find many. I find self-proclaimed authors and those with distinctions too. But the matter is not what was 5-6 years back. It is harsh towards the founder and towards the Ideology, it kills the living spirit. It has no encouragement, no spiritual uplifting. Wonder y?

I can assure you back then we still had a democratic government. So why is it that now people have come out with ‘their own versions’ of Pakistan and Taliban and specially the Ideology of Pakistan??? Why do people and self-proclaimed writers think now is the ripe time to tell the educated youth that the Ideology of Pakistan is either not right or is faulty or has some issues. Seriously if it did- were they sleeping for the past 5 years ( coz before that it would have been impossible to write).

The fact remains that the Ideology was never faulty, it always needed a wise person to comprehend it, not misinterpret it. Just like the Constitution, law or a gun. When used wisely it is helpful, when misused it can do many unjust things. But to make those unjust, prejudiced things acceptable in a society the main factor is a source which looks just like any society member. Same goes for the disparity factor, to create a divide in understanding of the ideology, u need a factor which can make it look like just any other understanding and project it from a popular platform. Have you currently read anything that looks like it might be from a disparity factor?

None of my business, but…..relocate!????

State with religion…..state without a religion…. methinks confusing but important question.

Pakistan on the brink of election with the intelligentsia geared towards presenting either their papers to the Returning Officers or their point of views about the kind of State they want Pakistan to be.

News articles are mostly in criticism of Section 62 and 63 mostly criticizing its inventor than the Sections themselves lest the writer comes under contempt. Now that ‘all’ the people have magically passed the criteria set out, methinks it is absolutely amazing to see Islamic law being brazen in the land of the pure! Appropriate knowledge of Islam never meant to pass all the Tom, Dick and Harries but somehow every educated fool and uneducated scholar has equal hold on religion.

But that is all on the political ground, something for the world to see. On the individual level every Pakistani is being influenced by multiple actors in the game, the politicians, the journalists, the anchors, the bloggers (oh yes we do have a part to play) , the social media fanatics, the people from across the border and the foreign channels. When someone says we have to blame ourselves for our state of being, I agree! What sort of signals and messages one accepts is entirely up to the individual. Not everyone can make a fool out of a person, and if ignorant enough anyone can be fooled.

The other day a strange incident happened. If the same would have happened with an ignorant Pakistani minority citizen, the result would have been totally different. A person from across the border, lets name him Mr. Postage (original name hinted he must have been a Hindu), messaged me on Facebook trying to convince me to ‘relocate across the border’ simply coz Pakistan was a horrible place for minorities. Taken aback, I asked him why he thought so. His reply involved persecution of Hazara Shia, Ahmedis and Balochis, while also citing kidnapping of Hindu girls. I tried explaining to honourable Mr. Postage that Hazara Shias and Ahmedis were Muslims, henceforth not a minority. Balochis have a province so what made him think they were a minority. Yes Hindus were a minority. He seemed unconvinced. Instead of asking, he wanted to prove that the killings were not targeted or political in nature. I asked him a simple question- how does he think people get an idea where to bomb coz Shia and Sunni don’t have any distinguishing marks on their bodies. A person could be a Sunni if it were a random bombing incident. The simple fact that people are picked out proves that these people are targeted.

Mr.Postage didn’t agree, but had no counter argument. What he did have was a prophecy for Balochistan- it will be a free state by 2018. This simply made me smile! Next came the be-careful-of-the-Muslims stance. It was awkward coming from a presumed Hindu coz Hindus lost this right when they mass murdered Muslims in Gujarat. Another accusation that Postage ‘thought’ would tick me off was ‘Did you read the kalma’. All he got was a levelled reply telling him that knowing the kalma does not change/alter any religious inclinations. He concluded that anyone feeling levelled and not against Pakistan and the Muslims is a ‘supporter of terrorism’. What people across the border forget to see is that we in Pakistan ‘know’ what is happening in our country. We have been facing things while you have been lying on your beds just reading off material on your screens- when you don’t know the ground realities don’t try to be experts and tell people what to do.

After all this had happened, I sat for awhile and just gave it a little thought. What if a really dumb and uneducated soul was handling this situation? Would they have given Postage the right answers? Would Postage be able to convince them? Maybe yes……maybe they would lose their cool and fight back….. maybe Postage was just having a bad day convincing people. His mere gut that he tried tells a lot about what is happening within circles across the border…….

Hath Thou Been Smart Earlier…


I start this post with a smile coz frankly I had a women oriented topic in mind, but then a fleeting glance at the television screen and the news channel and my mind rocked back to the age-old topic; current affairs!!!

Elections ‘looming’ around the corner and all political parties jet-set for action. Pakistan is and has always been so active. Partition, democracy, military rule and now again an attempt at ‘cleaner’ democratic rule. Lets be clear here about a few things, the Constitution of Pakistan always had clear-cut rules. Only the followers were never serious about applying them. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri made sure that they were applied and did not take no for an answer. But that did not deter any political mismanagement on behalf of the parties. They had ample time to ‘plan’ their tactics. Tactics which the people are still unaware of.

With the love of the Seat of Presidency growing in the hearts of certain people, there is a unproportionate and immense love for the country among the youth. The youth which refers to people with a conscience and a lively heart and soul, not to age, want to see their country prosper and move forward. No doubt this group has a lot of teenagers and youngsters.

So infectious is this disease of feeling good about one’s country, positivism and the optimism that we can achieve the best if we have the best team that lately in a Dawn news article I read that Bilawal Bhutto also tried to filter good people from his party. Looks like Imran Khan got to him as well. But his dad eventually won him over to his side 🙂

Games are going on and the election candidates are being thrown into court cases, jails and simply turned down. I wonder if Meera fulfills section 62, 63? Sadiq and Ameen- really???

What remains is the final public opinion. Will the public select the people who are standing up from the constituencies? Will these people be any different? Will these people just shift out to wealthier neighborhoods? Will they come back to their constituencies and work for their people?