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Old songs always have a different feel. Not that they speak of a bygone era, they have an appeal that touches the soul. Maybe it is the youth that they remind me of or it is the carefree days, but I can assure you I wasn’t even born when these songs were released. I am talking about songs that have pure lyrics and slow music and rhythm. No synthesizers, or electric guitars or amplifiers.

But isn’t that the case with everyone? Doesn’t everyone feel nostalgic listening to old forgotten scores. Turns out most people these days don’t have time for such music. There is so much new stuff being produced that old music seems ‘out-dated’.


The other day while going through my playlist I wondered if I should chuck the oldie list and add some new numbers. I searched the internet for some new songs and came across women who had released exceptional numbers. It amazed me how women who made bold videos also made the most expressive songs these days. The lines didn’t necessarily rhyme but the rhythms were impeccable.

It turns out that music and its feel doesn’t change. The volume, voice and intensity might change with time but the results created remain the same. So let me put on those headphones and get back to my personal favourite!



Murder He Wrote…

I am compelled to write this post… Surely I wouldn’t have done other wise.

The recent media hype on “Two students carrying out a suicide pact” has had many sections of the society talking. And in many ways.

Our society just loves scandalizing love stories… they pretty much hate love. It has always been the most uncanny part. Why does someone hate love. Maybe they are all narcissists, or maybe they have superiority complexes, but all the people I encounter just hate the fact that two young people fell in love, while it is pretty obvious from their poisonous rantings that they were so love-struck when they were the same age. Then why such different attitude now, or lets put it this way, why so much distance from LOVE?


How to Support an Author’s New Book: 11 Ideas For You

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Chuck Sambuchino

large_5595133805My Writer’s Digest coworker, Brian A. Klems, recently geared up for the release of his first book — a humorous guide for fathers called OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL: A DAD’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO RAISING DAUGHTERS (Adams Media). On top of that, my coworker Robert Brewer (editor of Writer’s Market) recently got a publishing deal for a book of his poetry.

So I find myself as a cheerleader for my writing buddies — trying to do what I can to help as their 2013 release dates approach. I help in two ways: 1) I use my own experience of writing & publishing books to share advice on what they can expect and plan for; and 2) I simply do whatever little things I can that help in any way.

This last part brings up an important point: Anyone can support an author’s…

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Lets play elections

The recent political environment changed to considerable heat and dangerous pokes when details of the elections 2013 in Pakistan were bared open by a member of Election Commission of Pakistan. The to and fro of comments and news conferences, even resignations which do have the potential of being over turned is an exciting game that has started. The people sit glued to their screens listening to people who claim to have experience, are pretty old and seem adamant to leave their seats.

What makes this a matter of concern is that the public of Pakistan loves new conspiracies and new games. Will this open, bare and outspoken statement of a member of the Election Commission of Pakistan strengthen the stand of the people and the Inquilaab/Azaadi March or divert all attention to itself and kill the media hype that the Revolution needs is yet to be seen.

For now the drama is in nascent stage. The ball is in the election commission’s court to prove that they did conduct one of the fairest elections that Pakistan has seen, which is by far not true. But as they say not all five fingers are the same length. Not everyone in the Election Commission of Pakistan is corrupt and shrewd. And that makes the task for a common man even more difficult!

It is a Myth That 300,000 Were Raped in East Pakistan

Pakistan Army has always been blamed for raping their own Muslim sisters in Bangladesh. Did they? Were they so stuck up??? Were they that bad?? Many people from our media circles and the educated circles love to propagate the worst numbers, but it looks like there were some players that were never mentioned, never got the credit that they should have!!!


By Asif Haroon Raja

Clip_112“Roman Catholic Relief Agency put the figure of rapes to as low as 4000. In fact, only ten cases of rapes had been reported till August 31, 1971, and the culprits tried and punished. These few cases were swollen to the exasperating figure of 300,000. The falsity of Sheikh Mujib’s repeated allegation of rape of 300,000 Bengali women was exposed when the abortion team he had commissioned from United Kingdom in early 1972 found that there were no more than a hundred or so pregnancy cases they could deal with throughout their stay in Bangladesh.”-Brig. Asif Haroon Raja exposes the lies behind the propaganda.

It has been alleged that Pakistani troops raped 300,000 women on and after March 25, 1971 in former East Pakistan. This allegation has generally been accepted by the world at large and even by some Pakistani secular pseudo intellectuals like Tahira Abdullah, Asma…

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A long time………..

For the past 2 months there has been no activity on the page. Regretfully due to a lot going on.

Coming back to my laptop and being a little more attentive to what the country is about to experience is something I feel needs to be written from a different perspective- as there will be a lot of journalistic crap!!!

With a lot of Islamic to secular talk going on and speculation about the founding father of Pakistan on the rise, I wonder if people are changing for the better of for the worse. If people supporting the ‘change’ are changing into better human beings or dehumanizing for the worse!!!


Its February now and this is the first post of the month. After much deliberation, thought I could not settle on a single topic for the first post of the month. Several topics came and went but when I picked up my laptop, I decided to write impromptu.

Many events of political and non-political nature happened at the end of January which made me think more of human nature and its facets. It was God’s decision that he created man as the ‘only’ highly-intellectual organism, but the decisions man takes on a daily basis due to that intellect have such diverse and intense effects that it is totally difficult to even assume ‘what if’ there was another highly-intellectual organism on earth! Things would have been an utter mess. One more organism either of the human kind or better than humans and earth would have been a living hell.

A new month, an new day, a new hour, a new tick of the clock- is all an indication that God is not upset. He is anxious and patiently waiting for the status quo to change, and He will reward those who will change it.