Democracy Thou Needest Blood…

The democracy games of Pakistan are playing different strokes; some claiming derailing of democracy while some have a distinct line of thought. This divide is very interesting and thought-provoking as each side thinks it has complete backing and evidence to support its claims. So far the Doc has not changed his stance, but some media anchors are trying to act smart and prove that whatever he thought-out is or was a sham and is just to ridicule the people of Pakistan. But when an anchor behaves in such an irresponsible manner he shames not only himself, but the channel who employed him as his credentials and the channels’ are pretty much questionable.

But what is democracy? I seek to find the democracy that befits us? Yes us! We are not from the West – so that sort of thing was never made for us and we were never called upon for advice on it by the Western founders, as far as I remember. We were never invited when that democracy was being shaped. All we did was break-free from the British Raj, which was never a democracy. It was always a monarchy, so why on earth is UK so ardently giving the people of Pakistan messages that they want to see democracy in Pakistan??? They want to see democracy sustain??? A monarchy wants to see democracy sustain, but not in their country- I wonder why???

The Americas has also given the people of Pakistan the same message. People of America have been living in the state of their democracy for years now and that sort of democracy has given rise to company-owned governments, or rather big-companies-owning-big-parts-of-government. By statistics given by US, the country suffers from heavy tax loads, bad medical care for its citizens, unequal treatment of citizens by law, and backing of the government by a few huge money minting companies who do not pay their taxes and government officials who do not pay taxes. On the religious side they blame the church whenever they want to and can tax it whenever they see it fit, they can even tax God if they want to. While their Constitution also does not allow cheaters to be in the government, they are sitting right infront of the American people making a fool out of them.

Does the reader see any familiarity between the democracy of the current 5 years and that of the Americas, which is not the effort of 5 years though??? We are going towards the democracy that we never chose or made for ourselves. How come we accept it without fighting it??? Well at least the Doc had the decency of fighting it, and the vast number of people with him. We have accepted western clothes and ways of life so accurately and easily that if we accept their dumb democracy, even if it means killing half our own population, it will never occur to us that we are doing wrong. What will matter to us is the sheer likeliness to the Americas that has to strike, happen and stay with us to keep us aloof of everything else, even if it is the bloodshed of our own kith and kin!!!

So is there any democracy that can over ride the negatives and be all positive; actually without a harming factor???