For The Love Of The Prophet…

The birthday of the beloved Prophet came and went with much fanfare. People crowded onto the streets and shouted slogans showing their utmost love for the Prophet. The rally that follows its usual course through the city of Karachi kept on without any mishaps and people kept joining it from all over the area with the usual fame and glamour. This year, however, it seemed like the lights that decorated the city were very bright and shinning to blind. The city was adorned in strings of lights of all colors which were switched on as night fell. For two days straight, as the media reported it, most mosques and city areas were festively decorated.

What occurred to me was the continuous supply of electricity in the stricken city which complains day and night of electrical shortage. Where was the shortage? If the lights were powered by self-financed sources like generators, that must have been some spending on the mere lights which not only decorated the small mosques but mausoleums and huge mosques as well. And then they complain about being ‘ghareeb’ about not having enough to eat and spend. Somehow a great percentage has enough money to spend for the love of Prophet- just  not on his people. Just not enough to give them a decent income. Just not enough to clothe them!