A People Stronger Than The State……

I read in a book that at the time of partition “India as a state was stronger than its people and Pakistani people were stronger than the state.” Not willing to debate on the aspect of partition here, but the historian had a point. Today after years of hardships on both sides the situation is not much different. As a people Pakistanis have their own line of thought and are not willing to submit it for the greater good of the country. But it is also commendable that when calamities strike the oneness of Pakistanis, irrespective of names, religions, stature, class and creed is worth watching. Again the bewitched-line-of-thought has to strike someone, which made me realize that poverty is a malaise that makes people want more than is given to them.

Many NGO got together, special information system was put in place to locate affectees, the extent of damage was monitored by the many mobile systems in place, food, clean drinking water, shelter, make-do tents and medicines were made available to whatever areas were reported. Civilians and army worked hand in hand to provide relief in the major calamity that came in the form of earthquake first and flood the second time. What was astonishing was the spirit of people who wanted to help with money and material. People took leaves from their work and traveled to affected areas to deliver the goods themselves lest the bewitched-line-of-thought of some peasant make the hard-earned and dedicated work go to waste. It was no wonder that many such affectees got jobs in cities and were hired as permanent  employees. Many new businesses cropped up over night, especially in the textile sector as the people coming from the affected cities were skilled artisans.

While all this was going on, the devil was lurking and found his way to those bewitched people who thought it was ok to lie and cheat to bask in the glory and take some advantage of the over-flowing emotions of the people. While people were really disturbed, some could go back to normal lives, but they CHOSE not to. Instead easy money was their way of life, shorter but easier way of life. They pulled people’s emotions towards themselves by narrating stories that were heart-wrenching, disturbing and drastic but all were blatantly false and outright lies. Yes, they got the monetary benefit from organizations and people, but not for long since man is a leaner and learns to detect lies and deceit. For some wannabes who were not affected at all, the deceit was a fun game, a way to beg and earn extra cash!!

Earning extra cash by narrating stories is a new career that pops up specially when calamities strike. At least in the current 5 years of democracy I have witnessed it. While the lower tier begs the middle and upper class, the upper tier begs the international community. Excluding those dedicated international community country leaders who have a heart and no motive to invest in Pakistan, the rest listen to petty stories and give out cash to a so-called democratic, agriculture-based country which is an insult to their own thinking abilities. If you cannot do a background search on the leaders you are giving away to, kindly ask someone in your regimes to do it. You will stop the giving away in times of calamity.

While the State as a whole can not do much to change its people, the people in their own individuality can even change perceptions about the State. People residing outside Pakistan have done more harm than give a positive outlook to religion and Constitution, both which they do not understand. The leaders in individuality have minted more money than they can ever spend leaving the State more than ever dependent on foreign aid, which is never there to stay with the State. I wish more than ever that Mr. Jinnah, who gave us a country to run with an illiterate people(metaphorically),  would have been with the country a little more so that he would have laid down some concrete principles. But the again, who knows the same people who have been ripping off his country today, would have shredded those same principles and built their own in the name of modernization of the State and religion, an act which would have been even more saddening and drastic!! RIP Mr.Jinnah!