Philosophy online…

They say to understand life, one needs to understand some basic philosophy and bridge the gap between the material life and the ethereal life. Philosophy has always been a subject of much debate and we have always heard elders say that experience is the way to learn the philosophy of life. Studying it is one thing but grasping the concept in fullness is another.

To write a paper, the resources available on the online world are many and diverse. Mostly in the form of online libraries and journals. Small write-ups by random people who either have journalistic credentials or just are bloggers with an outlook. What is bothersome is the quality of research papers on Philosophy on the online libraries and journals, which are sometimes horribly below the set standard. This goes for all the subjects; but is more problematic when the subject is of spiritual and ethereal nature. Although its impact is not that of religion but ‘credibility in writing’ is the most important factor of authoring any piece, specially a piece that might have a sub-conscious effect.

Since the scope of such articles and writings is pretty limited, quotations from various philosophers appear in quite large numbers on many websites, quoting author’s names. Sometimes two websites have the same quote, worded differently, with the same author. Sometimes the same quote with different authors. What the makers of such websites don’t realize is that giving out false information, in this way, is bound to come back to them, discrediting their website. It usually does. Its the simple philosophy of life- wrongs cannot make a right!

The subject although widely studied is not given any particular attention in the information-blast age. True and valuable information on Philosophy is hard to come by for anyone looking for inspiration. But what one can find are silly finding about life by the modern man who has learnt by trial and error and his findings are not even close to universal!