The impending danger…

While Pakistan on the whole struggles with its basic survival, its neighbors gear to hit it with bows and arrows. Not in the literal sense ofcourse! Since TuQ announced his intentions for long march- Pakistan’s “Aman ki Asha” neighbors have been inching towards the line of control waiting for the exact right time. The recent event of hitting the Pakistan occupied Kashmir has sparked outrage among the masses and serious alignment of forces is taking place on both ends of the border. Is war inevitable?

The ‘visionary’, ‘democratic’ government has no way to stop this self-created mess. It cannot ‘buy’ its way out or ‘pay’ its way out. Stuck in the midst of the crisis are the people of Pakistan who are subject to mindless games and freaky talk shows where there is no solution. The people of Pakistan are yearning for the Pakistan Army to intervene- but will it? Or rather should it? Should it HELP to form the interim government? Should it help the people, who do not have the nerve to change their own destinies and will eventually re-elect the spawn of the same government 5-10 year from now?

The questions are burning- the present is threatening. But military intervention means two responsibilities for a single team with dwindling economy. Media with a throat of a lion, barking on and about every aspect of the low down of the economy, spreading the menace and depression through the masses, killing the hope, happiness and rays of sunshine. What the pen and tongue do not realize is that, they have responsibilities towards the people, as strong and astute as the government.

The war never gave anyone anything. Mr. Zardari has never been sincere with Pakistan. Hoping that in the last few days, he some how manages to amaze the nation and does something positive to avert the impending danger. Just not for votes this time, maybe just for the graves of his ancestors!